Una plataforma vital para el cine mexicano en los Estados Unidos


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2011 festival Archive 

Tucson Cine Mexico 2011 was held March 2-6 at Harkins Tucson Spectrum Theatres, Fox Theatre, Tucson Museum of Art and UA Center for Creative Photography.


Highlights of the 2011 installment of the festival were: A panel on documentary filmmaking in Mexico will be moderated by Elena Fortes, Director of Ambulante Traveling Documentary Film Festival, with panelists Carlos Gutierrez, Producer Yissel Ibarra, and Director Carlos Hagerman.


In association with Cinema Tropical’s 10 Best Latin American Films of the Decade, Tucson Cine Mexico 2011 proudly presented the anniversary screening of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s internationally acclaimed debut film, Amores Perros/Love’s a Bitch. Producer Martha Sosa Elizondo discussed the film with Carlos Gutierrez after the screening.

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