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Una plataforma vital para el cine mexicano en los Estados Unidos


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2009 festival Archive 

Tucson Cine Mexico 2009 kicked off with ¿Te acuerdas de Lake Tahoe?/Remember Lake Tahoe?, the winner of the Cannes 2008 Revelation of the Year Award, as well as the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlin Film Fest 2008. Other feature length films making their Arizona premiere included the 2007 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize Winner Luz silenciosa/Silent Light, which tells the seldom heard story of

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Mennonites in northern Mexico. Jonas Cuaron’s directorial debut Año uña/The Year of the Nail was presented by the producer Frida Torresblanco. The documentary portion of the festival featured numerous award‐winners, opening with Mi vida dentro/My Life Inside, the story of a female Mexican immigrant jailed for murder. Southern Arizona’s own Rudy Joffroy’s documentary Los caídos/The Fallen, which details the aftermath of a mine collapse that killed 63 miners in southern Mexico, made its US theatrical debut!


For the first time viewers in the US were be able to see vintage Mexican sci‐fi classics with new 35mm prints with English subtitles on the big screen.  Weekend screenings of classic sci‐fi movies La nave de los monstruos/The Monster’s Ship (1959), El Santo vs la invasión de los marcianos/El Santo vs The Martian Invaders (1966) and El planeta de las mujeres invasoras/Planet of the Female Invaders (1965) were a treat for old and new audiences. These films were introduced by Carlos Gutierrez of Cinema Tropical.  Promotion for the festival was in English and Spanish. Media sponsors for the festival included 102.1 KCMT La Caliente and La Estrella de Tucson. The festival received promotion from The Arizona Daily StarThe Tucson Weekly, Arizona Public Media, and in diverse Spanish language print and electronic media.

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