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Sunday, April 5, 2:00pm

Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18




Mexico, 2019, 1hr 22mins

Producers: Sofίa Gómez-Córdova, Luna Marán, Rodrigo Gómez

Director: Luna Marán

Writers: Sofίa Gomez-Córdova, Perlis López, Luna Marán

Cinematographer: Pablo Garcίa Morales, Luna Marán, Federico Zuvire Cruz

Editor: Sofίa Gómez-Córdova, Perlis López

In Spanish and Zapoteco with English subtitles


In her heartfelt and powerful debut feature, Zapotec director Luna Marán encourages her father Jaime Luna (Uncle Yim), an indigenous philosopher, social leader, and singer-songwriter, to compose a new song about his life after 15 years of silence. This time, though, he does so alongside his family; their memories and interpretations are contradictory and painful. Uncle Yim is a powerful documentary that immerses us in the identity of a family shaped by tradition, music, and communality.


Official Selection, Morelia International Film Festival, 2019

Ambulante Documentary Film Festival, 2019

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