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Sunday, April 5, 4:30pm

Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18


Mexico, 2019, 1 hr 20 mins

Producer: Daniela Contreras

Director: Marίa Sojob

Writer: Marίa Sojob

Cinematographer: José Alfredo Jiménez

Editor: Nicolás Défossé

In Tzotzil and Spanish with English subtitles

In her deeply personal debut documentary feature, Tzotzil filmmaker María Sojob documents the unexpected encounter between an old man, who is going blind, and his granddaughter, who has a limited memory of her childhood. As the grandfather weaves a traditional hat, the threads of family history are untangled. Between the silences, it becomes possible to understand the meaning of love in Tzotzil. A deceptively simple film, Tote/Abuelo is a complex portrait that contrasts the point of view of a younger generation with a traditional world that was largely marginalized. 


Best Documentary Directed by a Woman, Morelia International Film Festival, 2019

Ambulante Award, Morelia International Film Festival, 2019

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