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A vital platform for Mexican cinema in the U.S.

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"Being invited by Tucson Cine Mexico to present my film was an AMAZING experience! You can really feel the energy of the audience. Tucson Cine Mexico takes great films to great people who want to see, think and talk about our stories. The quality of the projection was fantastic!! One of the best screenings I have ever had for my film. Looking forward to coming back!"

- Celso García

Waiting to say hello to director Celso García after the screening of his film La Delgada Línea Amarilla. Much love in the room for Celso! — at Harkins Theature Spectrum 18.

Carlos Gutiérrez

Director of Cinema Tropical

Since its creation over a decade ago, Tucson Cine Mexico has become a vital platform for the exhibition of Mexican cinema in the United States by having built an enthusiastic and dedicated local audience. Tucsonans should feel very proud to play host to one of the premier Latino festivals in the country.

Yareli Arizmendi and Sergio Arau  

A Day Without a Mexican ​

As artists, we believe our work is important - must-be-seen-and-change-the-world kind of important. If our work does not find eyes and ears it dies. Tucson Cine Mexico is a gift. It breathes life into new works and keeps pertinent works alive by finding audiences - eyes and ears - to receive the works that have carefully, lovingly and at times, angrily and desperately been put together in hopes of keeping the fire of dialogue alive. We thank you...

Viviana Garcia Besné

Perdida/Lost in Time

Tucson Cine Mexico is the most charming film festival run by great people who have remained friends ever since. Tucson is such a great venue, filled with history and natural wonders. The experience showcasing my film there was extraordinary. The community came together to enjoy the festival, people with different ideas were participating together on the same collective experience of watching a film, which as a documentary director made me grow. Receiving so much feedback from the audience was amazing.​

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