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Saturday, March 30, 9:00pm

Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18


Romantic Comedy

Mexico/Dominican Republic, 2019, 91 min. 

Director: Beto Gómez

Writers: Francisco Payó, Beto Gómez

Producers: Rafael Munoz, Alfonso Rodríguez

Cinematography: Serguei Saldívar Tanaka

Cast: Joaquín Cosio, William Levy, Miguel Rodarte, Stephany Liriano, Eva Arias

In Spanish with English subtitles


Beto Gómez’ humorous screwball comedy Cinderelo follows Marlon Flores (the wonderful Miguel Rodarte), a talented photographer with an amazing ability to highlight anyone's inner beauty, but not his own. His ugliness attracts the rejection and ridicule of all women, except his assistant Maria, who can see him for who he really is. Tired of constant contempt, he unexpectedly encounters his fairy godfather (Joaquín Cosío, Narcos: Mexico, Me gusta pero me asusta,The Thin Yellow Line), a mysterious man who casts a spell on him, transforming him into an irresistible hunk named Brando (played by popular actor William Levy). The catch? It’s only in effect at night. With the help of his best friend Felix, Marlon turns the handsome Brando into the most coveted man in the city. But can you find true love with a double identity? 

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